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Friday, 31 December 2010


Tahniah kepada my youngest and only brother, Farhan and my niece, Afini dan semua yang telah menduduki peperiksaan PMR tempohari.

My brother scored 8As and been offered to a Permata Pintar school which is located at UKM according to my younger sister.  Well, I hope that he makes a wise decision either to stay at SMSAS or continue his journey at the Permata Pintar school.  We support whatever your decision is for the best of you future, bro..

On the other hand, my niece managed to score 7As 1B.  She was so frustrated as she aimed to score 8As.  I must congratulate her despite of the family problem that she faced, she still managed to score a good result walaupun it doesn't meet her target.  And thank Allah that she still can continue her journey at Asmah.

Once again.. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!

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