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Friday, 11 June 2010

Canaz @ 8mths

hmm.. dah lama x share canaz's progress with my blog's readers... Canaz now dah 8mths.. Alhamdulillah... and after like 1mth+ of thyroid treatment, her condition has improved a lot... semakin active dan selera semakin kuat ok... alhamdulillah.. she's now consuming 6oz of milk per serving.. regularly i.e. less in 2 hrs, she will sure request for another.. makan??? toksah cakap lah.. sangat berselera.. Normally I akan masakkan dia bubur nasi mix with vege, anchovies & salmon.. then blend it..wah.. sangat berselera dia makan... portion pon.. unbelievable.. more... compared to yasmine's time... alamak.. xder lak gambo portion bubur dia per serving.. xper.. next time I'll make a posting specially for that... :D

Sekarang ni canaz dah pandai roll over... alhamdulillah... biar lambat sket then your age xper cayang.. as long there's a positive progres... sejak pandai roll over nih...habis seluruh living room yang sekangkang kera tu diexplorenyer... :D Gelak pon dah mengekek2 dah.. esp. kalo mama geget pipi & badan dia...

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