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Friday, 11 June 2010

Selamat Perantin Baru

Last week I attended my friend's wedding.... my long lost friend, Siti Ratna Ahmad a.k.a Ratna ... we knew each other since kitorang tadika lagi.. lama kan... ingat lagi time tadika tu, Tok Ncik (my grandfather) would walked me to school.. pastu bila abis jer sesi skolah, I took a lift from Ratna's mom to cycled her to and fro the school... pastu jumpa lagi time I pindah from Convent Infant Jesus, Melaka to my a school kat kampung my mom.. SK Simpang Jeram, Bakri, Muar... kitorang 1 kelas...sbb memang ada 1 kelas jer tuk Std 5.. :D, we then lost contact after we completed our Std. 6...

After years of lost contact, we met again... through Facebook... Thanx, FB... and she invited me to attend her wedding in Muar... Hoorayy.. dapatlah aku balik kampung... tengok atuk, jenguk all my aunts there and the most important thing... dapat minum pear juice....   So, we attended her wedding reception.. tp sayang.. x amik banyak gambar... this is the one and only...

Noraliza, myself wif Canaz & of course Ratna.. the bride..

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