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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lain Dirancang, Lain Jadiknya

On Oct 20th hari tu, my hubby and I supposedly took part in this event... Kitorang registered for 5Km Fun Run.  I dah siap-siap bat arrangement with my babysitter in advance for my girls to spend a nite at her place.

*pic googled

Akan tetapi, later in the evening lepas I sent my girls, hubby called to ask if it's ok kalau x pegi run tu.. sebab his friend, Mat offered him free tix to Rock Away Concert kat SIC on that very same nite... I don't really mind pegi yang mana pon.. so, here we were... attending the Rock Away Concert... my husband memang nak attend this concert sebab.... Soulfly datang Malaysia... singer soulfly tu Max Cavalera... former member of Sepultura... fav band hubby..

Overall, we had so much fun attending this concert... Thank you Mat for the tix..
Next time kalau ada free tix jangan lupa kami lagi naaa... ^_^

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