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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It's a Girls' Thing

Main masak-masak, main mekap-mekap, main doll, etc. are girls' things kan... termasuklah barbie doll... i believe every girl mesti ada at least a doll be it a famous amous barbie doll or the cheaper version where u can purchase it at the RM2 shop.

Tidak ketinggalan my 2 angels.  These barbie dolls have been in their toys box for quite some time and they never play with it before until the recent Thursday nite.  Yasmine took out these two dolls to play.  Here comes Canaz... fascinated with it and dia pon nak join kakak main.  At first Yasmine refused to share but lepas hubby console her, maka lembutlah hati si kakak tuk share ngan adik... tapi Yasmine pandai.. hat barbie yang comel dia punya... barbie ceklat dia bagi kat Canaz... jadiklah... janji both of them had fun playing with the dolls together..

sian Canaz.. tengok jer Yasmine main barbie doll..

at last... dapat jugak Canaz main sekali...

tengok tu.. sampai ternganga molot eksaited sebab dapat main barbie doll.. :)

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