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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Get Well Soon, Pak Din

My uncle whom his nephews and nieces called him Pak Din was admitted to IJN towards the end of July 2011 to undergo a bypass surgery.  Due to the distance between my office and IJN, I was not able to visit him during or after office hour.  Since hubby's office is within the vicinity, he had visited my uncle twice last week after my uncle underwent his surgery.

Alhamdulillah... I finally managed to visit my Pak Din last Sunday i.e. on Ramadhan eve.  Meet my aunties and cousins there at IJN.. ala-ala mini gathering gittew.. hehehehe...Until today, Pak Din is still in ICU.  We have to take turns to visit him as the hospital only allows 2 visitors / patient.  Poor Pak Din... his limbs were tied up coz dia selalu cabut all the wires attached to his body.. hmm... tak selesa la tu.. He was sooooo skinny now... tubes toksah cakap la... kat mulut ada tube untuk pernafasan... kat hidung ada tube tuk makan.. owh.. he's on liquid diet.. the hospital fed him with glucerna and kat tangan pon ada jugak... tuk masukkan ubat.  Besides heart clogged, Pakdin is also a hypertension and diabetic patient. I feel so sad looking at my weak uncle.  My auntie, Mak Uda  and their children take care of him at the hospital. 

My doa is semoga Pak Din cepat sembuh, dapat keluar dari ICU and masuk ke ward without any complications after that. Amin...

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