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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Aarrghh... Letihnyerrr...

Three days before Ramadhan, I had to attend a workshop in KLIA Pan Pac.  Memula tu cam em jugak nak pi but bila pikirkan that is my kerja and it's part of my responsibility, I joined.  Alhamdulillah hubby can take care of our two girls.  Kami check-in on Friday, 29th July.  Lepas check-in and solat maghrib, all of us headed to the restaurant for dinner.  Owh by the way, meal for families are covered.. yihuuuu... Workshop session started at 8.30pm and ended at 12am...
 On Saturday pulak I went for breakfast alone as the girls were still sleeping.  Lepas makan terus ke workshop.  My workshop started at 8.30am and ended 12am (inclusive of lunch and dinner break).  The girls had their great time with their father.  Hubby brought them to the playground at KLIA and later in the evening they went to the swimming pool.  Something happened at the pool.  Canaz nearly drowned.  The wading pool was quite deep for a baby like Canaz.  Luckily hubby was there.  Lepas je incident tu terus all of them returned to the room and canaz was still traumatised. 

Alhamdulillah.. on Sunday the workshop session ended as early as 12pm.  Went to the hotel room and packed and getting ready for lunch and checked out soon after having our lunch.  Hubby planned to watch a movie at Alamanda but there weren't any interesting movies of his interest.  So we decided to return to home sweet home to have some rest before proceed with our plan to IJN in the evening.

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