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Thursday, 5 May 2011

2 in 1

Hehehehehehe... jangan terpedaya ngan title entry tu ye... This entry is not about shampoo 2 in 1 atau shampoo yang taglinenyer... 'guna jari pon boleyyyy'... hehehehe

Well, entry ni is sambungan kepada ini.... After 2 months, barulah I dapat my birthday pressie...on my hubby's birthday... Happy Birthday, Laling... That's why the title of this entry is '2 in 1' ^_^ ....

This pressie is very meaningful to me.... No words can explained it.  Mana tidaknya...It has been 7 years.. (lama gila dowh..) since I last tengok Wings live perfomance.   Kalo dulu asal Wings perform at Planet Hollywood ja, sure both of us ada kat situ.. The performance  then was on Sunday nite... x kisah la the next day tu keja ke tak, we were surely there. 

Ok.. back to this entry... This concert was held at Istana Budaya from April 29 - May, 1, 2011.  Our tix is on April 30, 2011... birthday my laling la tu... hehehehe... We were there at about 7.45pm... parking full oooo... we finally parked our car at the Balai Senilukis Negara.. and had dinner there (sbb kat situ ada so-called flea market every weekend).  Around 8.15pm barulah kami enter the hall lepas jumpa Farah & Sab.  Wings is the first rock band yang bat performance @ IB.  This performance is accompanied by Okestra Simfoni Kebangsaan..... syiok giler wa cakap lu.... bunyi gesekan violins tu bisa bat I meremang bulu roma.... I enjoyed the show to the maxxx sampai kalo buley nak tengok lagi the next nite i.e. Ahad (May 1, 2011 ~ Last day).  Sampaikan dear hubby pon noticed yang he could see that I enjoyed more than him... hihihhii...As I said.. no words can describe it.. so uols layan the pics ye... enjoy...

Full house I tell you..... Tickets sold out!!

The show's OVER!!!! sob...sob...sob...

Sham, Joe, Awie, Black & Mel

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