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Friday, 24 December 2010

To Taiping with My Loves

hi all... lama i x update my blog kan... bukan x mau update u... i mau... tapinya my workload yang x bagi i update my blog nih.. huhuhuhu...

ok.  Last Thursday (mak aii... dah sminggu dah citer nih.. kalo makanan ni, sure dh basi..hahahaha) i took leave from thursday - monday sebab ada family gathering on my hubby's side.  So, sebelum kami pegi family gathering tu, my lil family bergather-gather la dulu... sebab dah hampir sebulan my hubby x lekat di rumah.. he's been outstation for projects auditing.  So, bila cuti panjang untuk perjumpaan keluarga nih, kami pun atuq la percutian kami skali.  This time we went to Taiping.. nak bawak d kids pi Zoo Taiping.    We reached Taiping at 1pm and had our lunch at the famous Mak Jah Mee Udang

Model x berbayar.. hehehe

Then from there we checked-in at the Flemington Hotel, Taiping.  The room was simple but nicely decorated and nice view too.  After having a short rest and performed our prayers, we went to Taiping Zoo.  Spent like 2hours there then we return to the hotel as Yasmine wanted to be at the hotel so badly. Ok fine.  Kami pun baliklah ke hotel.  Since dah tak tau nak bat apa, hubby ajak all of us to swim at the hotel's sky bar.. where the swimmming pool is located.  Yasmine pon apa lagi.. x sabarlah...  so, all of them were in the pool except me.. hahahaha.. x kuasa mak nak berbasahan...

Our room & its view.. cantik kan.. Taiping Lake view

tau x pasangancimpanzee kat blakang tu sangat x mau eh, dia boleh berasmara depan anak dia yang duduk kat sebelah cimpanzee betina tu.. adehhhhh

After like 1 hour of swimming session, we got ready to have our dinner at Taiping Sentral (a newly opened mall in Taiping).  The next morning we had in-house breakfast and getting ready to check out for our next journey to Penang.

p/s:  nantikan cerita family gathering selepas ini.  stay tune... (~_~)

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