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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mind of a 6yo

My cousin's son who was admitted in the hospital over the weekend due to high fever.  Her son He is 6yo.  Dia sangat tak suka being admitted to the hospital. Ye la.. budak mana yang suka kan... kena drip, kena check temperature, kena makan ubat, etc. 

He was so bored staying in the hospital, maka he made an escape to Empire plan.  Nak pegi ToysRus katanya.  This was what he did according to his mom:-

1)  Wore a hooded sweater to cover his hand (sebab ada jarum drip kat situ.. ini kes nak avoid nurse la ni..)
2)  Put his wallet in the stroller basket (to pay for the cab from SunMed~Empire)
3)  Placed his drinking bottle inside the stroller basket
4)  Persuade his dad to go downstairs for a walk in a stroller
5)  Sampai je kat entrance hospital, dia terus ajak his daddy pi tunggu cab to Empire..

Fuh!  Sungguh tak sangka a 6yo boy boleh plan sampai camtu skali.

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