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Friday, 9 July 2010

Progress Assessment Result

SRK-BPP's Parent-Teachers Meeting was actually scheduled on 26 Jun 2010.. since we were at Kedah on that day, I requested to meet up with the teachers on Saturday, July 3, 2010... Memula ingat nak pi both husband & wife.. skali tu Canaz bat prangai lak.. so it was just Yasmine & I jer yang pi amik report card... She sat for 3 papers and did well for the maths.. and her BM teacher said that she's weak in BM.  In BM class, whenever her teacher ask questions in BM, she's the 1st to answer.. tapi in English.. aduhaiii.. Lepas tu her science teacher said her coloring is quite poor... she once painted a face blue and a hair red.. hahahaha... ada ke muka orang kaler biru... itu muka clown nak oiii... and satu lagi kelemahan yasmine is that she still writes on dotted lines though she's been to school more than 6 months... hmm.. kena banyak writing exercise ni kakak...  Her participation is class is good... she will always be the 1st to respond to her teachers.. socialisingwise... oklah ... her teacher told that she picks her friend... always sitting in her class like a queen.. adoiyaiii anak aku... and she make friends with foreigners dan sekarang dia cakap Urdu lak kat rumah...

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