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Friday, 8 April 2011

Hello... Ini nak cari apa sebenarnya nih????


During the recent weekend, hubby and I planned to go to Jalan TAR to buy some fabrics for our baju raya... and we did.. As usual, the kids spent a nite at the babysitter's.  Kebetulan pulak malam tu my hubby ada dinner and the Legend Hotel, and he wanted to bring me along. 

Since it has been ages since I last went to Jalan TAR, so I agak jakun sket la.. dengan longgokan kain-kain yang murah-murah belaka... and I x melepaskan peluang tuk have my late lunch at Capital Cafe.  This cafe is operating in a pre-war building and is located opposite of SOGO.  Operated by a chinese but with malay and mamak stalls serving halal food ranging from nasi padang to rojak to name a few.  So, uol can imagine how does a chinese makan place coffee shop looks like kan...Sangat old school okayy....Ada orang x lalu nak makan kat sini... u know la this place looks like a pre-war chinese coffee shop...dah la tu.. crowded with stalls in it.. meja makan lagik... but despite all that, this makan place attracts a lot of food lovers not only locals but also foreigners (tourist).

~pic googled~

~pic googled~
Hubby and I decided to start our late lunch with roti bakar.  I kinda lurve their roti bakar because the bread is so soft even after they've toast 'em.  The spread taste just nice... not so sweet, not so plain... meet my tekak... hehehehehe...

~pic googled~

After the first round (i.e. the roti bakar), we had bihun goreng hailam pulak.... and then followed by 10 sticks of mixed chicken and beef satay....

~pic googled~

Habis je kitorang menyantap menyentap satay nih, off we go to the bazaars to look for fabric for our baju raya.... our theme this year is chilli red.. how 'bout yours?

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