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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wacca Doin'?

Assalammualaikum... Hye all....  It's school holidays now... so, how do you spend the holiday with your kids??

My eldest daughter is still in kindy... and like any other school children, school  holiday season is most waited.  This one week school holiday, we are not taking our kids for holiday but stay at home instead... why??? Because my SIL and PIL came to our place to spend the school holiday with us...

We took them for a sightseeing at Putrajaya as they (my SIL & family) have never been there.  There were requests from her kids wanted to go to the Petrosains.  Since we have never been there,  hubby thought it was a great idea... and it is a great idea to be there... except for me... it's not my soul... hahahahha.... biasalah... moi lagi suka agenda sopping mopping ni.. hehehehhe...

Q for Dark Ride @ Petrosains

Replica volcano @ Petrosains

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