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Monday, 15 November 2010

Eidul Adha 2010

Hye All... where will you and family be celebrating this coming Eidul Adha?  My family and I are going back to my hubby's hometown in Kedah starting 16 - 19 November 2010... Syoknyer... last we balik kampung was during the month of Ramadhan.. just right before the Eid Mubarak.. owh..I miss both my parents-in-law and my mom in-law's cooking...  ooppss.. i'm drooling now... *malu* hehehehe

To those who will be travelling down south and up north of the Peninsular Malaysia, drive carefully and safely, think of you loved ones.... and wishing all Muslims out there..
a very happy and joyous
Eidul Adha

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maya amir said...

salam carefully & take care:)