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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Singapore - Episode II

September 24th 2010
KL Sentral
Shahnaz turns one and we are out of the country. My hubby and I again commuted to Singapore for the second time this year. But this time together with his office colleagues, Sabri, Am and Wanie. Wanie came to our house at 8.30 pm and then, Usop, hubby's officemate sent us to Putrajaya Sentral. We then met Sabri and Am at KL Sentral at 10.00 pm and everyone’s face seems ready to cut down their calories after so much of ketupat intake during Aidilfitri season.

September 25th 2010
Tanjong Pagar – Sentosa
September 25th, upon arriving at Tg. Pagar KTM Station, we changed our plan. Enjoying the meals at M. Hassan with the cheapilicous Mee Rebus, we then commuted to Harbour Front MRT Station. From there, we walked to Vivo City, and then took the train to Sentosa. The flaming of exciting maybe less for us as this our second time to Universal Studio Entrance Square for this year. We only spent $3 for the whole package at Sentosa as we play none of the games in the theme island. It’s so cheap and we were quite stingy to spend our money for nothing.

with Wannie, Sab & Am inside the MRT

@ Candylicious, Sentosa Island

Hard Rock Cafe, Sentosa Island

Somerset-Killiney- Little Red Dot.Bugis Street
We left Sentosa Island at 2.00 pm. from the Harbour Front station. We then travelled to Orchard and walked to Killiney. Had our lunch at Warong M. Nasir.  Then, from Somerset, we then went to Bugis Street, the most place that everyone loved. I think this is the only place that we can afford to purchase stuff as the quality the sells most likely as same as Petaling Street. Every cheap thing is here from the Panerai watch to Fruit of the Loom T Shirt. You don’t have to bargain here compared to Petaling Street.

Mine:  Beef rendang, bergedil & lemak tapioca shoots

Rochor-JB (NY Hotel)-Benafe
After eating Tauhu Goreng at Albert Centre, we walked to Queen Street Bus Terminal, near to Fou Lou Shou, Rochor. With the ticket of $2.40, the bus will bring you to Larkin. But when we had to pass the Woodlands Immigration Complex, a number of approximately 30,000 people were checked-in and out everyday to pass this check point made this place is the busiest checkpoint in the world according to Sabri. We had to hop in and out, walk and run as seen on AXN Channel, The Amazing Race. Filling in the form, rat race passed the check point and then queuing for the bus, sweat and everything is all about travelling adrenaline. I just could’t imagine if I had to bring my two daughters with strollers. Hmm run, run and upside and down and left to right and it’s a marathon day. We reached New York Hotel and had nap. At 9.00 p.m. we went down across the road to have Ayam Penyet at Benafe, the most favorite food stall in JB for our dinner.

September 26th 2010
Larkin- Esplanade-Clark Quay
We started our day by having breakfast at the hotel coffeehouse. Taking cab to Larkin and it cost us RM 9.20 and from Larkin we travel again by bus to Rochor. It wasn't as hectic as the day before but the up and down is still there. The only different is the number of people but still we have to follow the standard process of immigration stamping.

We went to esplanade and planned to have sightseeing at the promenade and enjoy the view of Marina Bay Sands but the F1 fever had blocked us to have the city sightseeing there as most of the road and the Marina central core radius had been barricaded.

So, we stopped at Levis Marina Square and the price is damn cheap. Less RM100 compare to Malaysia outlets. Arm and Sabri did purchase watch and belts there and Arm received a loyalty Levis card.  I really wanted to purchase 2 pairs of Levis jeans at only $200.. but was prohibited by hubby.  I'm planning to come back again in June / July during Singapore Sale to do my shopping... bayaq niat... haahahhaha
 The whole marina is at the Gate No 6 and one of the sharpest laps for Singapore F1 track. There are lots of tourist here and rarely to find Asian in this area as you can see most people here are definitely American and European. After failed to pass through this area, we accept that the “Point of Agreement” here, we had to take a train to Clark Quay and then walk underpass through Fullerton route to get the view. At Fullerton, my eye was being attracted by one lady was wine and dining at the Fullerton vineyard. The lady soooo pretty and look  alike Anna Heatherway. We can’t pass thru Fullerton to get Marina Bay Sand and the road was again barricaded. Huhuhuhu.... :(
 Bugis- Outram Park – KL
The train is coming, the train is coming, please start queuing, enjoy your ride" That is the ditty that really attract our ear whenever getting the circle line MRT. Our last chapter of travelling in Singapore was getting back to Bugis Street again just shop till drop. Most of us were in the mood to clear the dollars. Then we took MRT to Outram park and walk pass thru Pinnacle @ Duxton at Cantonment Street to Tanjung Pagar. 

September 27th 2010
KL Sentral
Reached KL at 6.30 am.  We then had a breakfast at McDonald then we split. Luckily I was still on leave that day.  I can do my laundry and have a birthday lunch for Shahnaz and a movie watching... daaaa...


iswatie "colours of life" said...

haaa..baguih..nanti nak tuntut ilmu ngan ko..coz plan nak pi dec nih lps pantang..but nak bwk kids jugak coz time tuh mmg nak gi johor gi wedding kawan hubby...

sodah alang2 kat jb apa kata kita terlajak ke spore..kekekekeke

Zareene Saifuddin said...

hehehehe.. boleh ajer beb.. tapi kalo ko pi sefamily, aku reckon ko charted van dari hotel ke Spore... sebab leceh kalo nk naik bas ke sana.. nanti kena turun naik bas kt Tambak Jhr & Woodlands checkpoint.

hehehehe.. betul tu beb.. kalo dh smpai jb, X SAH kalo x g Spore.. hehehe..

eynda said...

Suka gambar last tu :-)

Zareene Saifuddin said...

hihihihi.. thx eynda... itu gambar kat luar Fullerton Hotel.. lalu situ sebab nak ikut underpass tuk ke esplanade... skali jalan tutup da.... sebab F1.. :( so bergambar jek la ngan budak2 itam yang nak terjun canal tu...