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Monday, 3 May 2010

My Uniquely Singapore Experience - Day 1

On Feb 15.. yeah... it was my  birthday.. but dear hubby said I can only have my present on Apr 30... hah??? Apr 30?? That's is his birthday.... Is it gonna be a 2 in 1 birthday pressie??? Yes it is... adoiyaiiii.... tp accept ja la.. dari xder kan...

So it comes Apr 30... guess what is our birthday pressie??? A trip to Singapore... hoorayy.... it's a backpacking holiday for both of us... the kids? We left them at the babysitter's... so, our journey started on Friday, Apr 30 itself... we boarded on a Senandung Malam train at 10.30 pm. Singapore... It was my very 1st exprience travelling by train... hehehehe...

me on the train

We reached Woodlands check point in Singapore at 7.30 a.m. and later reached the Tanjung Pagar Station at 8.30 a.m...  We walked from there to Kreta Ayer where dear hubby had his research for this thesis during his uni days.. We then took MRT to Dhoby Gaut station to get to our hotel.. 81 Bencoolen Hotel... Prior to that, on our way to Ochard Road, we came across the President's House having open day for public.  With a fee of $1, both of us had a stroll around the istana compound.. lenguh kaki aku bjalan.. then from there we off to Orchard Rd.  Kaki aku dh x tahan... finally I bought selipar jepun kt bazaar under the concorde hotel.. hua.. lega x terhingga... sampai ke sudah aku pakai selipar jepun tu tau.. wakakaka..

@ Kreta Ayer

@ President's House

We saw Singapore Visitors Centre @ Orchard Rd.  Hubby went in to get more info on Singapore and later took a SIA Hop On bus at a fare of $13 for 1 day pass.  So, kitorang won't be able to miss any of Spore tourist attractions la kan...We later had our lunch kat Warung M. Nasir @ Killiney Rd.  Sedap wooo nasik padang dia.. and the price is very reasonable though... We then went to Bencoolen Rd to check-in.  Had our prayers and a little rest, we then proceed our plan to the Esplanade.  I really wanted to see Spore's latest attraction which will be officially open in June 2010, Marina Bay Sands... a 3 hotel buildings with a joint roof top where the floating theme park is located. Kendian berjalan2lah kami ke Boat Quay & Clarke Quay... pastu dinner kt Bugis Junction...  then we off to hotel to zzzzzz.....

Lunch @ Warung M. Nasir, Killiney Rd.

Marina Bay Sands

@ Esplanade

@ Clarke Quay

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