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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wiken Outing

Here comes another weekend... blur x tau nak gi mana... to do monthly shopping, it's too soon... well apapun we've gotta go out just to avoid being bored staying at home over the weekend... started our outing with a breakfast at hubby's fav restaurant, Riang-Riang... which now the food is no longer tasty.. .then followed by shahnaz's 5th mths immunisation at my panel clinic.. she had been a good girl.. cry sat ja lepas the jab... good girl...  Then we off to Serdang to send my camera for repairing.. meanwhile tpaksalah guna hp tuk amik gambo.. soo... everyting that've been planned is done.  Lepas tu dah x tau nak ke mana... last2 hubby suggested we went to Alamanda... saja.. jalan2... on our way back I suggested that we go to the lawn in front of PjC to give Yasmine a chance to have her own activities.. apa lagi.. running around laaa....

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